Welcome to the World of PRN!

PRN Relief International started in 2000 with 5 health care professionals. Today, our ranks number over 55 dedicated Physicians, Residents, and Nurses. PRN has provided approximately 10,000 physical exams to children and adults around the world, and our volunteer doctors have performed over 300 surgeries free of charge.  


We invite you to join the family of PRN Relief International with your time, talents, donations, or just your good thoughts. When one hand joins another, the world is a smaller place.  

Our Mission

Members of PRN Relief International - Physicians, Residents, and Nurses - work closely with low-resource communities, forging a long-term trusting relationship with families. Our members deliver clinical care, education and health promotion, and return on a scheduled basis in order to develop this relationship.  




PRN members respond to global emergencies, sending teams to assist in the health care needs of communities affected by disasters.